Three Instances Requiring Attention Of A Manukau Family Lawyer

Family law issues in ManukauThere are many kinds of lawyers who offer a variety of services such as corporate, real estate, and maritime law, among others. In the case of families, there are many subsets of law that a Manukau family lawyer can help with.  Unlike any other type of lawyer, family lawyers offer more than just legal expertise to their clients. Since most family law matters are emotive, a good family lawyer needs to be understanding of the deep, personal issues that people are suffering.


Having said there are a lot of different aspects of family law, here are three common ones where a Manukau family lawyer can provide legal assistance.



Nobody ever wishes for divorce when they get in a relationship. However, due to irreconcilable issues, marriages do come to an end. These situations create a lot of animosity between the partners, and everyone starts thinking of their own interests. A family lawyer helps to tone down the flames by explaining to them their legal rights regarding properties and child custody. In New Zealand, relationship property should be split equally but this is often something that one party will find difficult to accept. Their lawyer will help them through the process to come to a fair outcome.


Custody Of Children

Custody cases occur when partners can longer stay together and thus, opt for separation. The circumstances leading to such a decision are rarely amicable. One partner could start issuing threats of getting away with the child against their counterpart’s wishes. Despite what one or either party might say or want, Care of Children is the priority. A family lawyer in this scenario will always have the best interests of the child as their priority. If agreement cannot be reached, the case will go before a judge. Also, if you had already agreed on how to parent the kids and your partner fails to provide financial support, the lawyer will have to take them back to court for them to stick to the agreement. In the event where you are trying to adopt, it is essential to get a lawyer to help you legally for you to finish the adoption successfully.



Although many people disregard making a will, it is a key document to have. People feel they may be tempting fate if they acknowledge that they are going to die. When someone does pass on, it is a difficult time for the surviving family members. You do not want to add to the stresses by not leaving a will.


If someone dies without leaving a will in New Zealand, decisions about the estate are made by law in accordance with a preset set of hierarchy. You can find out more here. If you do not want this to happen and have specific wishes, then you must leave a will.


Family lawyer in ManukauA will is a complex document requiring a lawyer to write it for you. The lawyer will ask for a list of all the assets that you have, and if possible, they will ask to see some physical evidence. You will have to produce all the legal documents to back up your claim. Once they have all the necessary information, you can start drafting the will. Every aspect of the material will have to get scrutinised step by step to ensure it is all by the law. In the event of your demise, they have the mandate to read your wishes to the beneficiaries you had chosen.


Although it might look costly, hiring a Manukau family lawyer can give you peace of mind or resolution whenever you and your family are having differences. They are not easy but get worse if not attended to.


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